World Class Picnic 2005 Pictures

The weather was perfect.  The Hula Monsters sounded great (especially with a certain guest soloist returning this year).  The food was great.  A bit smaller than last year, 47 folks plus 4 dogs, but everyone had a great time.  We thank everyone for the goodies that your brought, we thank Rosemary for the cooking, and we especially thank everyone who came. 

Janet & Ray

A few pictures from Janet and Ray.   Please e-mail us your pictures - especially if you have a picture of Janet in her "Moon Boots".

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For the "picnic scientists", here are a few statistics related to picnic consumption.  We gather this information every year in order to develop the spread sheet which we use for picnic planning.

Item Statistic
Hamburgers 10
Cheese Burgers 10
Bacon Cheese Burgers 0
Hot Dogs (All Beef) 20
BBQ Chicken Breasts (1/2) 20
Tandoori Chicken Breasts 10
Watermelons Brought 0
MA's Kettle BBQ Consumed - Quarts 3
Cole Slaw - Quarts 1
Potato Salad - Quarts 1
Macaroni Salad - Quarts 1
Polish Sausage (ran out) 10
Bags of potato chips - Large 1
Bags of potato chips - Small 6
Veggie Chili (Home Made - qts.) 2
Ice Cream Treats (Premium) 12
Del Monaco Steaks 6
Small NY Strip Stakes - 1/3 of normal size 15
10'x10' Tents 3
20'x40' Tents - Only 50% Utilized 1
Total Tent Capacity - ft**2 1100
Cases of Drinks 6
People 47
Children 5
Interesting, Nice,
Super Smart People - Would have been 47, but Ray gets to attend his own picnic!
Dogs (3 good, one bad (Tennille)) 4
Max Temperature 95
Average Weather Hot, but Ok in the shade, with a nice breeze.
Paper Plates 65
Napkins Consumed 150
Plastic Forks 20
Plastic Knives 5
Plastic Spoons 2
Games of Volleyball, horse shoes, badminton, chess and croquet  this year 0
Ratio of registered guests to attendees. 49/47
Injuries 0
Amazing Wonderful Desserts and other Stuff brought by the Wonderful and Brilliant Guests Too much to count!
Tent Rental $250
Band $1200
Laurel Meat Market $200
MA's Kettle $150
BJ's, Giant Food $300
Chef $180
Total $2280
Joy of throwing a party for wonderful friends Priceless