Along the River

When we acquired this property in 2009, it had electricity, water (from a well), a pavilion and 4' high weeds.  We contracted a mowing service, bought an old beat-up camper (under extensive restoration) and installed a septic system.  Today, it is a complete and very relaxing place to hang out.  Somehow, being close to the river for a few hours turns one's brain into potato salad, i.e., all worldly cares seem to fade a way.  We hope that you can join us there on the next hot summer day.

Directions:  Start in Romney at the traffic light and go North on Route 28 for about 5 miles, then take a very sharp and dangerous left turn onto Washington.  For maximum safety, better to drive 1 mile to the Blue Bridge and do a "U" turn.  (Please contact us for the rest of the directions.)  We're Lot 14.

Here are a few photos from the July 4th 2010 picnic.  Live was very good that day.  Thanks to Colin for the images.

Janet and Barbara in the River.

A few hundred feet down the river.

The "camper". Yes, we're still working on that awning, but the place is still very comfortable.


We need steps like this!

Kids jump off this rock.

Meanwhile, back at the "Trailer" on the ridge top between visits to the river...

From the ridge-top property, looking South from the porch.

Time for steak, veggie chili (for Leo), grilled corn and LOTS of other goodies.

Leo Going Up the Creek Without Paddling