Ray and Janet's "Estate" (a.k.a. "trailer") in  West Virginia


This is a lovely place that we like to visit on the weekends.  Some day, if we tire of working, we might retire there.  It is 1830 square foot building with a full, walk-out basement, 1200 square-foot garage, atop a 1365' ridge with views for miles.  A gentle breeze is always there.  We enjoy sharing this place with our friends.   Here are a few pictures.

If you stay at the estate when Janet or Ray are not there, please read  Information for visitors.

Here are a few pictures of our place (about 8 miles away) along the river.

New Mailing Address:   614 Farm View Lane, Romney, WV 26757 - This replaces HC64, Box 3197, but one should use both through the end of 2013.

Directions Our house in Baltimore is 144 miles from the trailer.  Last 30 miles are two-lane, the rest is mostly 4-lane.  Trip takes about 2-1/2 hours if you can avoid commuter traffic in Frederick.  Most of the time we stop for gas and a snack and the trip takes 3 hours.

If you trust your GPS device, you might set a course for    39.3465519N -78.7212216W .  Otherwise: 

  1. Go to Winchester, VA - Here's how we get there from Baltimore:  I-70 West to 340 West towards Charlestown.  Route 7 West.  Rather than going through the city we go NORTH on I-81, then take the FIRST exit (Exit 317/US 11).  Turn left at light at the end of the exit ramp.   Turns into VA 37 South. 

  2. Go West, towards Romney.  There are two ways to do this.  The first way has safer, straighter roads but is about 3 miles longer and a bit less scenic than the mountain route.

    (a)  Option 1 - Route 522 towards   Berkley Springs, WV.  After 12.3 miles, turn left onto Route 127.  After 11.2 miles, follow Route 29 South.  Turn Right onto Route 50 to go West towards Romney.

    (b)  Option 2 - Pass the 522 exit.  Pass the Hospital center.  WEST on Route 50 West.  Pass the Wal-Mart on the right.  Go about 40 miles:  Pass through Augusta, WV.  Get close to Romney, WV.

    Note:  The estate is about 10 miles from the intersection of Route 50 and Route 29.

  3. You're on Route 50, going towards Romney.  A few miles outside of Romney you'll be turning..

  4. RIGHT onto Jersey Mountain Road, immediately after passing the Exxon Station & Mountain State Restaurant on the right.  Go 0.9 miles.

  5. SHARP LEFT onto Sand Hill Road.  Go 0.3 miles.   If you see a 55 mph sign, you have gone too far.    BTW:  If you miss this turn and drive a few miles, you'll be treated to a lovely view of the mountains, and you'll also pass a few nice estates.

  6. RIGHT into Patterson Estates.  Although unmarked, this is "Farm View Road".  Go 0.6 miles

  7. We are Lots  3&4, which are on the RIGHT.  The lot numbers are marked by little signs which are at about the same locations as the green telephone boxes which are on lot boundaries.  We are the only cedar-sided place in the neighborhood.  House is on Lot 4, and has a brass "4" just to the right of the front door.

  8. If you get lost, please try the numbers below:

  • Ray's cell phone:  410-905-4820

  • Trailer phone:       304-822-3351


Attractions on the way there  

Lots of things to see and do on the way and in the area, in order as we drive from Relay to Romney.  Here are a few ideas:

  1. Sykesville - Really nice old railroad town.  To get there, take Route 32 North from I-70 and then follow the signs to the Historical area.  Visit the former railroad station (now a restaurant).  Have lunch at Beck's.  Explore.

  2. Boonsboro - Near Harpers Ferry.   See the railroad museum, Washington Monument and walk the Appalachian Trail.

  3. Harper's Ferry (close to) Cyn Dee Restaurant - Route 340 goes from a 4 line, divided highway to a two lane road.  There is a flashing light when this happens.  Turn LEFT onto Keep Tryst road.  Restaurant will be on your left.  Excellent for breakfast.  Great fried chicken.  Sinful desserts.

  4. Harper's Ferry - Great, old and beautiful place.  Have a buffet brunch (call first) at the Hilltop House, overlooking the valley.

  5. Winchester, VA - Quaint, old town with evidence of lots of wealth in the past.

  6. Capon Bridge - Liberty Gas Station/Capon Valley Market.  As you enter town, the first little store/gas station on the left.  Go all the way to the back, left side of the store and see all of the trophies, including a local bear.

  7. Capon Bridge - Bent River Woodworks - Way cool wood Furniture.  After you cross the river, there is a little shop on the right with amazing custom-made wooden furniture.

  8. Antietam Battle Field.  You will pass this only if you take Route I-70 West past Route 340, and then take I-81 South. This is where the Civil war soldiers hid in a corn field and were massacred. 


Attractions Near Romney  
  1. Romney - Lots of interesting places to explore in town.   Everything from a farmer's cooperative to a yuppie (horror of horrors) coffee shop.  History.   Attractions.    Wikipedia link.  (What's the world coming to?)    Hampshire Review (Newspaper.)  Concerts  

  2. Romney Scenic Train (Great Fun!)  http://www.potomaceagle.info - Just 5 miles away.  On Saturdays, one can hear the whistle blow.

  3. South Branch of the Potomac River - Drive through town, cross over the river.  Take the FIRST RIGHT and drive down to the river.  A little park.  You can go swimming and wading.  We've had great fun watching Tennille swim here.

  4. Canoe Rental - Drive West through town, and just before crossing the river, turn LEFT.  There are river access points 8 and 10 miles upstream.  At the farther point, there is a General Store which will rent you a canoe, and transport your upstream and/or pick you up downstream.  What fun.  No nasty rapids.  The train runs along the river, and you might see it on a Saturday.  http://www.wvcanoerentals.com/

  5. Beautiful Mountain View.  From Winchester, go West.  As you approach Romney, the speed limit goes down to 35 mph.  In this area, you'll see Sand Hill Road on the right.  First LEFT, on to Grassy Lick (Route 10)a.  Drive several miles and you'll be on the top of a little mountain.  A microwave relay tower will be to your left, and in front of you will be a magnificent view of the mountains.

  6. Alpaca Farm - Just North of Augusta - about a 20 minutes away.  Really nice folks, and all kinds of Alpaca goodies in the gift shop.   http://www.hampshirereview.com/Websites/AlmostHeavenGuestHouse/   Now closed, but ...
    In May of 2009, we found a WONDERFUL Alpaca Farm, even closer to the one above - Just a couple miles off Route 50 (before you get to Romney).  www.Kismetacres.com These critters are really cute, and the "farm" has all sorts of expensive and beautiful stuff.  Be prepared to pay $50K for their top stud.

  7. Good Time Ridge Alpaca Farm.  Beautiful!  http://www.westvirginiaalpacas.net/index.php From the trailer, East on Route 50, cross intersection of Route 50 and Route 29 South, then take first left - about 100 yards, 3.2 miles.Gary's Excavating, Inc.  John Deere dealer.  304-856-2124.  HC61/221 Capon Bridge, WV.

  8. Middle Ridge Campground - Just outside of Romney, but way back in the hills.  For a fantastic view, continue on Middle Ridge Road until it ends with a spectacular view and an orchard with a sign in Korean.  http://www.middleridgecampground.com/Subpage.html

  9. Cookie Tin - Bakery in Romney, same side street as Sheetz gas station.  Here's a PDF of an article in the HampshireReview.  Say "Hi" to Julie Landis who makes wonderful cookies.

  10. Lawrence Crouse furniture.  Museum quality recreations, not reproductions!  http://www.lawrencecrouse.com/index.html \

  11. Arnold Farm.  Every Saturday (in season), these folks bring corn that was picked Saturday morning to the Farmer's Market.  More information at:  http://www.arnoldfarmwv.com/index.htm.3

  12. Slaughter House.  If you're interested in where hamburger comes from, the place is on Grassy Lick Rd.  The meat is great, but the process can be upsetting to small children and Herbivores.  (No link.)  304-822-369.

  13. Clothes Optional.  http://www.avalon-resort.info/site/home.aspx near Paw Paw - about 30 miles away.  A beautiful drive.  If you take 28 North from Romney, you can cross a 1 lane interstate toll bridge about 18" above the water.  (What a thrill.)  No, we haven't been there, but friends of a friend that we met at dinner really likes the place.

  14. Paw Paw Tunnel.  While you're in Paw Paw, see a tunnel for the canal cut from solid rock.  Long, dark and spooky, but a cool walk.  Be sure to bring your flashight.

  15. North River Retreat.  Quite the paradise for the day hunter.  http://www.northriverretreat.com/

  16. Rio Mall.  Quite a collection of junk in this flea market.  Sunday Noon-7:00 PM, rest of the week 9:00 AM - 7:00 PM.   304-496-3888.

  17. Farmers' Market.  Saturdays on main street.  Starts towards the end of May.  Outstanding local produce.


Attractions 1-3 hours away. You may have to drive a bit to get to these, but you will have come most of the way to get to our place.
  1. Western Maryland Scenic Railroad in Cumberland, MD - http://www.wmsr.com

  2. Radio Telescope in Green Bank - One of our pals used to work there  A bit of a drive, but the scenery is great and it's not too far from the Cass Scenic Railroad (see below).  http://www.gb.nrao.edu/

  3. Cass Scenic Railroad - Shay locomotives will take you to the top of Bald Knob. - http://www.cassrailroad.com/


Things to do at the "Estate"  
  1. Visit the spring with Tennille.  Walk down hill and a bit to the left from the back porch.  Watch Tennille swim.  See the spring photos.

  2. Hike to the back border (2000' from road).  We can provide GPS unit.  It is ALWAYS a good idea to take along one of the FRS radios in case you become injured or lost.  A compass is also a good thing to have.

  3. Walk in the neighborhood.

  4. Hike along the blue trail to the logging road.  This trail starts at the deer blind on Lot 3.  Walk along the logging road and enjoy the little creek that runs beside it.  Turn right at the creek to stay on our property.  Stay on the logging road, taking the left fork if there is any question, and you will make it all the way up hill to the Lot3/Lot2 border.  From this high point, you can see the trailer.  The trail has been brush-hogged and is easy and safe for walking.

  5. Kill Bambi.  (Not.)  We had a bad experience with someone who we allowed to hunt for just one day on the property.  Will not likely give permission.  We have at least one deer blind on the property.  We see deer every visit.  Check out pictures from the game camera.

  6. Porch.  Its 12'x44', and about 1/3 screened in.  Always a gentle breeze.  Quiet. 

  7. Tractor.  If you're tractor certified and enjoy tractoring, there is always a project going on.

  8. Satellite TV.  We have Direct TV, complete with TiVO.  What decadent fun! 

  9. Short Wave Radio.  Kept in the master bedroom closet.

  10. Cooking.  Kitchen is a culinary toy box.  Try out the don't-need-to-freeze-first ice-cream maker using the Ben Jerry's receipts.

  11. Dinner Out.  For outstanding BBQ, take Sand Hill Road down to Route 50, turn right, then drive about 14 miles West.  Pass through Romney, then through Burlington, pass by the site of the Apple Festival on the left, drive around 1/2 mile and the Millstone BB-Q restaurant will be on your left.  304-289-3693.  Open Thursday - Saturday 11AM - 8 PM.  The owner worked on the railroad out of Cumberland for 25 years, and drove many a train past our home in Relay, MD.  Seems to remember Janet standing by the tracks.  (You'll need to ask Janet for the rest of that story!)  Closed for 2007 starting 14 December.

  12. Internet.  Amazing,  but we have DSL!  Of course, we have a computer at the trailer full time in case anyone needs internet access.  Be sure to ask Ray for the password.

  13. Roller Skating.  Bring your skates, as the basement is as big as some rinks.

  14. Ping pong, Air Hockey, Pool.  Coming (someday) to the basement.  Let us know what you would like.

  15. Veggie Out.  The tranquility will get to you.

  16. Hot Tub.  Coming (someday, to the porch).  May decide to get a double Jacuzzi for the basement, as it requires less maintenance.  What do you think?

  17. Play with Comet, Captain and Tennille.  No leash required, but please encourage them to stay on our property.  They will always keep you in sight if you take a walk through the woods.

  18. Smoke.  Prohibited in the house.   Allowed on the grounds, but please do not leave trash on the ground.  Thanks.

  19. Fish.  The river in Romney has lots of fish.  We will be building a pond in 2009.  Minnows in the spring might work as bait.  In a year or two, you'll be able to fish in our 2 acre pond.

  20. Stars.  Use your naked eye, binoculars or the telescope.  Because of the lack of big city lights, the sky is full of stars.  We have a telescope for planetary exploration.  On a moonless night you can see the milky way.

  21. Oil Change.  Sometime in 2009, our huge garage will get a lift, which should make oil changes easy and fun.

  22. Movies.   We have nearly 200 DVDs, a  Blu-Ray player and a 42" LCD screen.  Here's the list of current holdings.



Hampshire County Geo Information System -  - Click on "Map Room" link.

Patterson Estates advertisement - http://www.agentsearch.com/re/estates/

Double-Wide Manufacture - http://www.commodorehomes.com/

Double-Wide Dealer/Installer/Builder - Countryside Village Homes, 1000 Eclipse Court, Martinsburg, WV - 304-263-8245 - Ask for Carl or for Warren.  Make sure that your contract has a clause which penalizes the builder for late delivery.

Map Calculations from GPS readings