Relay Community Calendar

Updated September 20, 2000

All events at the Relay Town Hall

Doors open at 7 unless otherwise noted

$10 admission for all dance and music events unless noted

Oct. 5--Zydeco Dance Series on Thursdays at 7:30   $7 per lesson

            Open dancing to CDs till 10:30  $3 per session

Oct. 20.--Roy Carrier and the Zydeco Nightrockers Zydeco dance

 Oct. 27-- Alligator Zydeco at Halloween Party: Costume competition and Zydeco dance

  Nov. 11-- STAR (Supporting the Arts at Relay) show at 8:00 PM

Contact Max VanDerBeek (410-737-8038) for information

  Nov. 18 -- Zydeco A-Go-Go zydeco dance

  Nov. 24 --Edge City music event

  December 9 -- Relay Christmas Tree House Tour

Call 410-242-8922 or 410-242-3218 for information

 December 15 -- Zydeco dance-band TBA

Present officers and Committees:  

NB:  This information is no longer up to date.  Don't call these folks!  Perhaps the new Relay President will provide this information.

Kathleen Pryor, President

Doreen DeSa, Vice president

Richard Gloth, Treasurer

Cheryl Denis, Sectretary.

Greg Sencas,  Building maintenance Committee

Billy Hrybck, Boy Scout events

Fundraising Committee:  Louise VanDerBeek Music and dance events

  Gina Hrybck, Drama events and Girl Scout events

For Hall rental information call Karen Shannon, 410-242-2833.  [Updated 26 December 2004]

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