Offers and Contracts in Hampshire County

The purpose of this page is to document offers that have been made and/or accepted.  If you have received an offer, please send the details to me , and I will post on this page.

Land Owner Date Lease Per Acre Per Year Years Royalty Status Notes
Ray Cherry 09/20/08 20 10 12.5 Verbal - Not Accepted Jerry L. Mezzatessa, Agent, T.S. Dudley Land Company, Inc., Representing Chesapeake Appalachia, LLC, owned by Chesapeake Energy
* Fall 2008 4 to 20 10 12.5 Accepted How can we get confirmation?  It would better to not post hearsay.
HZ Fall 2008 50 5 12.5 Not Accepted Gore district of Hampshire  County.  Powell Land Co.  and Bass.  (Similar offers.)

* I have personally received this information verbally about several folks in my neighborhood, but would rather not list the names unless and until I get confirmation.  There are 5 lots comprising about 100 acres.  We know that a couple of folks settled for $40 for a 10 year lease at 12.5%, and others settled for $200 for a 10 year lease at 12.5%.